Saturday, December 17, 2016

A little bit about what's happened.

On a whim, I decided to write a blog. There's all this complicated stuff about showing that I agree to cookies or something. I'm not a technical person. I just write. I guess I'll get the husband to make that go away later.

Four months ago, my baby girls were born. Amelia and Ellinor. They were two months premature and we lived in a hospital for 6 weeks. Unlike many other parents of preemies, we were actually able to live at the hospital, as there was a room next to the NICU room where we could stay. It was wonderful. Our first shot at living in one place that doesn't belong to family since we've been married. Little by little we got more responsibilities for their care, and one wonderful day we were able to go home and not go back.

My husband's parents have a little house on their property and it has been home for us. Breastfeeding and cleaning has been our full time jobs. Thanks to the wonderful Swedish system, we have recieved government help so Marten can help me full time as well. I'm blessed and the babies are crying so it's time to feed them again!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Back in Sweden.........seriously?

My life seems to keep having these huge transitions, doesn't it? It's kind of fun, I think, writing another blog with the same kind of title. Of course its not fun in the midst of stress, before decisions are made and it's hard to tell which direction is up. 

So for those of you that aren't following my twins on the BjargBabies facebook page (which you can feel free to do, if you so choose) have I got some news.

1. We know that our babies are baby girls!

2. I am indeed in Sweden, and will be here until early January.

3. My husband is still in South Africa and will be there for about a month. 

It was decided that it would be safer for me to have the girls in Sweden than South Africa, just in case there were any complications. It's been a strange time, being without my Swede. He has stayed behind to support our supervisor with programs and other jobs.

I almost obsessively write lists of what I should do, hope to do, hope to get, hope to acccomplish. In the midst of the flurry in my mind, my kids knock on the walls of my belly, and stretch so that I feel rock hard bumps and they dance around and I could just watch my stomach jolt and bounce all the time, it's so fascinating!

I miss the look on Daddy's face when they kick especially hard. and he is just so shocked and joyful. 

I think I'll keep this short, before I feel like it has to be deeper and more meaningful before I post it and then I never get around to posting it.

Thanks to all who have prayed and are pryaing and are following the story of my family. I pray the time goes by quickly until we can be together, that the girls just keep on growing and will be born in September like they are supposed to! Also that my Swedish residency comes through quickly. The Lord is working in all things, even bureaucracy!